James Christensen

Mirati Therapeutics, San Diego, USA

Dr. Christensen joined Mirati in June 2013 as Vice President of Research. He was most recently the Senior Director of Oncology Precision Medicine in the Oncology Research Unit at Pfizer, a group focused on developing strategies toward patient identification, novel combination approaches, and development of biomarker approaches. Dr. Christensen joined Pfizer in 2003 and his responsibilities there included leading nonclinical research efforts for oncology programs including sunitinib malate research activities and leading the nonclinical and translational biology efforts for other research and development programs including crizotinib. Dr. Christensen participated as a member of the Pfizer Cancer Research or Oncology Research Unit leadership team from 2005-2013. Prior to 2003, Dr Christensen was at SUGEN/Pharmacia as a Group Leader on the Preclinical Research and Exploratory Development team where he was responsible for leadership of c-Met and erbB family preclinical development programs and aspects of research and development for sunitinib. Dr. Christensen initiated his industry experience at Warner Lambert/Parke-Davis with research focus in receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) biology and RTK pathway biomarker development in the oncology therapeutic area. Dr. Christensen has authored or co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed research articles in scientific journals including Science, Nature, Cancer Cell, New England Journal of Medicine and others. In addition, Dr. Christensen participates on the editorial boards for Cancer Research and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Dr. Christensen received his Ph.D. degree focusing in Molecular Pharmacology from North Carolina State University with dissertation research directed toward characterization of mechanisms of apoptosis dysregulation during the process of carcinogenesis.


14th september
14 September 2023

Progress on selective targeting of KRAS mutant alleles and emerging clinical implications

14 September
Time:  15:45 - 16:15
Speaker:  James Christensen