Yibing Shan

D. E. Shaw Research, New York, USA

Dr. Yibing Shan was a founding member of D. E. Shaw Research with a tenure of 18 years as a leading investigator.  His research concerns using molecular dynamics simulations to elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying regulations of signaling proteins.  He primarily focuses on protein kinases such as EGFR, JAK2, Abl, Src, and Raf, and small G proteins such as RhoD, RND1 and K-Ras.  More recently, the focus has been shifted to structural modeling of large protein assemblies formed in signaling that are challenging to X-Ray crystallography and cryogenic electron microscopy.   His research tends to be based on extensive collaborations with experimental labs.  Yibing earned his B.S. in engineering physics from Shanghai University of Science and Technology, a M.S. in computer science and a PhD in biophysics from Drexel University.  He currently serves the founding director of Antidote Health Foundation.


15th september
15 September 2023

A perfect storm - Formation of Ras - Raf signalosome and its implications

15 September
Time:  09:00 - 09:30
Speaker:  Yibing Shan