Udai Banerji

The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK

Professor Udai Banerji is the Co-Director of the Drug Development Unit.  He plays a key role in linking the pre-clinical expertise in drug discovery at The Institute of Cancer Research to the first-in-human evaluation of these drugs at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.  His interests include the discovery and development of AKT, RAF, CHK1, MPS-1, HSF-1 pathway and folate receptor targeted drugs. He has been the principal or sub-investigator of over 100 first-in-human clinical trials of anti-cancer agents.

In addition to running phase I clinical trials, Prof Banerji’s independent laboratory interests include biomarkers and drug resistance. He heads the Clinical PD Biomarker group that sets up, validates and runs pharmacodynamics assays to be used on normal and tumour tissue to support phase I studies. Prof Banerji also leads the Clinical Pharmacology Adaptive Therapy team focused on understanding mechanisms of resistance and pharmacological manipulation of cancer evolution. He aims to translate the findings from preclinical studies into development of new anticancer drugs and accelerate drug development by using novel drug combinations and sequences to improve patient outcome.


13th september
13 September 2023

Proteomic profiling of KRAS signaling; Context, CAFs and Combinations

13 September
Time:  17:15 - 17:45
Speaker:  Udai Banerji